Yes, we can make money while we sleep. But you need right knowledge, right path and right platform. Today, in the era of internet we can become a millionaire if we use this platforms wisely.

There are some high income skills which you can learn from home and one of them is creating a website. You can also find many platforms on internet where you can learn how to create a website for free.

Today every business, every corporation, every company needs a professional website. If you see top richest people in the world, you will find out half of them are website owners. For example:-,,, and many more. According to Forbes magazine, 40 percent of the richest people belong to this one industry that IT/website industry.

You can do many types of business through it like selling of domain, or selling of a website.

I am going to tell you everything about websites and IT industry.


  1. Choose a platform where you want to create a website (professional or unprofessional)
  2. Choose a domain name for your website
  3. Now provide value to the audience by giving them fresh and nice content
  4. Promote it, make it a brand in market
  5. Apply for Ad sense and earn money through it
  6. At last if you want to sell it, you can sell it on various platforms
  7. You can sell it to companies and earn money


We are all familiar with websites as we use it daily to gain information we need. In short a website focuses on one particular topic or various topics and shares all the information relevant to the topic that is useful and interesting for the audience.

Examples:-, are biggest e-commerce sites

Instagram, facebook, snapchat these are biggest social media websites


As IT and website industry is a blooming industry and one can make a fortune out of it if used wisely and correctly. There are plenty of ways to make a decent income for yourself, especially in 2019 where things are becoming even more digital. As of 2018, it shows that 55.1% of the world has access to internet that means half of population of world. If you will provide value to the people through your blogs, then you will be able to generate traffic and thus you can generate income through it.


  • People who love to talk, write, explain and can provide valuable information to the people.
  • People who have an interest in a very specific topic and have full knowledge of that topic.


  1. Ability to create website through professional tools like WordPress, Blogger or other available softwares.
  2. You must have the ability to network and promote your website through social media, ads etc.


You can create a professional website within a day but creating a valuable content might take some time.


  • First of all you need to choose a platform and softwares/tools with which you will create your website.

Softwares through which you can create professional websites- WORDPRESS, BLOGGER etc.

Softwares through which you can create unprofessional websites- WIX, BLOGSPOT etc.

NOTE:- difference between professional and unprofessional sites

Professional site:-

Are those which have specific and nice domain name for example- . Professional websites have their own subdomains, commercial email accounts, autoresponders, forwarders, interns, panels etc. If you want to build a brand then you must start with these tools and softwares. 

Unprofessional sites:-

Are simply subdomains made on websites like, These sites provides you subdomains for example Benefit of building website on these tools is that it is totally free and you can also learn how to create a website from basic to advance. You can learn how to promote and generate traffic. You will be able to build your own audience. Later you can convert yourself into brand.

  • Now you have to choose/buy a domain name( it is the first part of your branding ). Choose a short, catchy, and nice domain name. It must match with your content you are going to provide. For example- if you want to write on education choose a domain name related to educational content. Platforms where you can find your domain names-, etc.
  • Now build your site using tools, apply themes and make a beautiful and a wonderful site.
  • Create fresh content and provide value to the audience through it.
  • Promote it, build your network, do collaborations with big brands.


  1. First step is to write out as many ideas as you can.
  2. Narrow down your ideas based on your interests.
  3. Check what is the audience of your niche.
  4. See whether your audience is known for spending money on purchasing the niche related products. Are there affiliate programs that provide more than 50% commissions on products.
  5. Check your budget, what type of tools you can buy to enhance your site and idea.
  6. Always start with blogging, by this way you will be able to attract visitors.
  7. Create at least 10 articles of 1000 words.
  8. Network with other site owners which have good knowledge of your topic and learn from them.
  9. Always do keyword research, find keywords related to your niche which are searched by the audience, through this you will be able to attract visitors on your site.
  10. Do best SEO on your site to rank it on top pages of google.


SEO(search engine optimization) is a technique or algorithm made by google, using this technique you can rank your website on top pages of google to draw more audience.


There are many ways to earn money through a website:-

  • Affiliate marketing– More people visit your site and buy products through your affiliate link, more money you make.
  • Selling of a website– If you are earning $500 per month then you can sell your website at $5000. For more information you can check my post SELL WEBSITE ONLINE.
  • Google AdSense– This is one of the best way to generate passive income. You get money on CPC(cost per click) and CPI( cost per impression). On one click you get $0.50-$1 and on 1000 impressions you get $1.
  • Just try to get more visitors to your site by doing best SEO, forum marketing, promoting it on social media and paid ads.

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