There are various ways to earn money but what are the ways to invest money. Well there are many ways you can invest your money but you must know why I need to invest my money and how can I invest my money without much risk.

You give a poor man $1000, he will return back with a new IPhone and give that money to a businessman or entrepreneur, he will invest that money and will multiply his income in few years.

So let’s start what, how, why, where, you can invest?

1.)Psychology or mindset

If you have a mindset of doing job and living your life on compromises then my friend investing is not for you. Doing a desired job, then investing 20% of income to multiply your money is investing. First rule of investing is that you must have a primary income, investing the money is secondary part. If you don’t have a primary source of income then you must not put your money in any type of investment.

Many people own business, for them investing is best to multiply their income streams and money.

Now role of mindset is that you must have a positive mindset, no negativity.

Keep your negative thoughts, friends, family everything away and just follow the path and your dream.

What you were taught in colleges and schools?

Only one thing that you have to do just a 9-5 job. That’s what they teach us everytime, because they don’t know about the endless opportunities out there. Don’t follow the rat race please.

Listen to the mentors who have become successful like Garyvee. Try to save and add up your money so that you can start investing at an early stage.

15 ways to save money as a student:-

  1. Cut out non essentials
  2. Only buy things on sale
  3. Make your own food
  4. Declutter your home
  5. Implement no spend weekends
  6. Unplug things you aren’t using
  7. Stop eating out entirely
  8. Cancel monthly subscriptions
  9. Buy used
  10. Cut out single use products
  11. Sell things you don’t need
  12. Use library to read books or download e-books for free

2.)Start something to create a primary source of income

You must have a primary source of income before you start investing your money. As you can’t invest money, if you don’t have a income source as you can also lose your money. And then you wont be able to invest again. So, it’s the first rule of investing, create a primary source of income like getting a desired job, getting into business and scaling it.

3.)Invest 20% of what you earn

Start investing 20% of what you earn, as initially you might not have much capital to risk so to maintain profit and loss invest less and try to earn more. You can increase your investing percentage when you reach a stage called financial freedom.

4.)Where to invest

There are many online platforms where you can invest your money and multiply it. Also there are many industries in which you can invest your money and can create a huge amount of income. Industries like stock market, real estate, crowd funding, cryptocurrencies, etc.

5.)Why to invest

The reason is quite simple, to multiply your income and achieve financial freedom at an early stage and live your life on your own terms. Remember investing is more important then saving money. Investing is secondary source of income which makes you achieve financial freedom. But always try to control your losses.

6.)How can I invest

Here are some apps and platforms which an investor use for investing, these apps helps you in investing your money in the right way and at the right time and thus you can decrease the rate of loss. These apps helps you manage your risk and money, since you can now invest digitally thus it saves a lot of time.

Apps you can download and start investing:-

  11. LEARN
  12. STASH
  14. ACORNS
  15. M1 FINANCE

These makes investing so easier, try it once.

7.)Will I be successful

This is the question we sometimes ask ourselves. But it only depends on the habits you have.

Following these habits you can change your life in one year:-

  1. Get rid of toxic people
  2. Stay committed even when things get tough
  3. Learn from your mistakes
  4. Keep building your skill set
  5. Hustle in silence and let your success makes the noise
  6. Invest in yourself
  7. Read 10 pages of a book daily
  8. Work smarter not harder

8.)Investing is risky or not

Yes, to be true investing is risky. If you will do gambling you will lose all your money, but if you will invest using strategies, and have knowledge about risk management then you can make a lot of profit.

9.)As a student how can I create a primary income source

Well using power of internet and its tools you can create a viable business in a single day. You can use various apps like Instagram, wordpress, and many dropshipping site, you can open your store on various websites and start selling things. Opportunities are everywhere you just need to grab one and start working on it.

Apps that will pay you:-

  1. Swagbucks app
  2. Swagbucks tv
  3. Inbox dollars
  4. Toluna
  5. Surveys.com mobile
  6. Acorn hunt
  7. Quickthoughts
  8. Surveys on the go
  9. Survey mini
  10. Perk
  11. Trender
  12. Appmoney
  13. Big time
  14. Minefield online
  15. Ibotta
  16. Smartpanel
  17. Checkpoints
  18. Slidejoy
  19. Iconzoomer
  20. Apptrailers
  21. Candy cash click
  22. Insta money
  23. Make real money
  24. Reward plus
  25. Daily gifts
  26. Loot

The average millionaire has 7 streams of wealth:-

  • Capital gains
  • Rental property
  • Earned income
  • Royalty income
  • Resale profits
  • Dividend income
  • Interest income

10.)Long term investing tips

  • Only risk what you are able to lose
  • Create a plan and stick to it
  • Invest in things you understand
  • Diversify among different sectors and markets
  • Reinvest dividends to own more shares
  • Avoid panic selling during sell offs

This is how you do investing, if you want to learn stock market investing you can check out this link.

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