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Selling website is another way of earning money through online way as I told you earlier in my post. There comes a time when we come across many ideas regarding setting up a website and earn money through it but due to some reasons like lack of knowledge, time management or you don’t have that passion you once did , then the best idea is that you sell your website. If your website is going good then you can sell it at a very good price.

Now I am going to discuss , some of the place where you can sell your website.


Flippa was founded by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz. By 2015, had traded more than $140 million in websites, mobile apps, and domains.

Since it is the largest market place for selling off websites ,its half of the revenue comes from selling the websites , while the sales of domain names just contribute to about 30% of the deals. It has the most websites for sale, and thus having largest number of buyers. Approximately 800,000 people registered themselves on flippa to buy and sell domains.


  1. simple interface.
  2. powerful search feature.
  3. you have options to upgrade your action.
  4. charges small listing fee $10-$20(699-1399 rupees).
  5. attracts good buyers who are ready to pay good money for high quality sites.
  6. have nice verification feature thus can be trusted by buyers and sellers.

It is specially for established, brilliant and start up websites. Now if you have established website it can cost $59(4128 rupees) for 2 weeks listings , or $100(6997 rupees) for two-month long listing.


  1. if you take 2 weeks long listing for established site you get a free one month extension thus resulting in for total of 3 months long listings.
  2. established websites are feature on front page.
  3. for start-up sites costs and policy are same but they are not featured on front page.


a)it is the no. 1 webmaster forum

b)addresses all websites needs and business aspects.

c)it has 800 users(approx.) online all the time

d)very active forum

e)it is a forum for all types of websites

f)it allows you to post a site for sale for at least 14 days forums

It costs $19.95(1395 rupees) to list your websites at and you must have a good reputation, you must be a member in good standing with forum.


a)charges no commission on the sales through their company

b)but they charge high listing fees (for one time) depending on the type of site you want to sell

c)for established sites you need to pay $59.95(4194 rupees) for listing till you sell your website

d)for start up sites it will cost you $39.95(2795 rupees),till you sell it

e)you get permanent featured listing for both(established and start up)

f)for getting your website featured in bi-weekly newsletter you need to pay $99(6927 rupees) provides free listing for full 90 days but if you want to extend your listing then you will be charged a fee based upon the number of days you choose.

It also provides featured listings that will give your site more prominent display for a fee , according to the number of days you select.


a)gives you full 90 days to sell your website for free

b)you can create a free account

c)most advanced website for buying and selling

d)search engine friendly ,SEO ad listing site on the net for selling start up or established websites and internet business

e)your ad will be indexed and optimised for buyers seeking websites for sale


a)On this , you can sell both domain names and websites

b)Your website can be listed 90 days for $9.95(696 rupees)

c)For premium listing (that gains you extra exposure)you have to pay $29.95(2095 rupees)

d)For domain names , you have to give $9.95(696 rupees) for standard listing

e)You have to give $14.95(1046 rupees) for premium listing

f)No commissions are charged on complete listing

It charges only $5 for listing your site but it is not very browsing friendly. Marketplace

It is a general sales site. It allows you to sell you established sites and to promote your services. General listing for sites are free , but services such as promotions are paid. It costs you few dollars. With auctions, you can select to feature your site on the main page , highlight it and many more things to promote it . All these services are paid.

Here you can develop your own websites and domain name .And has an active sales area where you can sell your domain names ,sites ,scripts and more


It is suitable for people who like to develop websites and have in depth knowledge of wordpress platform and website creation(to know how to create website you can see my previous post-(HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE).


  1. Choose a topic you are passionate about and subject your website focuses on because if you launch a website on the topic for which you are not passionate about then you will interest and inevitability stop working on it.
  2. Choose a domain name that is relevant to your topic as I have discussed in my previous post(
  3. Think about your long term business model and to make your website popular you need to research about your topic beforehand.
  4. Choose US based servers and reliable paid host for example bluehost, hostgator etc.
  5. You need to make your website design and layout look very professional as first time visitors will judge your website within first 7 seconds of loading ,so you need to make sure that your website’s design appeals to them and they like it.


  • Who are your direct competitors ?
  • How do your competitors make money?
  • How will your website make money ?
  • How can you make your website stand out from others ?
  • How long will it take to monetize your website ?

Now at last you need to sell website and the platforms on which you can sell websites are discussed above.


  1. You need to sign up and register your website(which you want to sell) on any platform discussed above right now I am taking as I consider it the best. So flippa works on bidding model which means the highest bidder gets the ownership of the website
  2. Now, how to set bid price for your website, always remember this-set the bid price of your website 5-10 times greater than the current income of your website. For example ,if your site is earning 500$ per month then you can set the basic selling bid price of your site at least 5000$.
  3. Start the auction and wait for bids. People will start bidding and once you receive the bid that satisfies your target selling price, then finalise the business deal with the bidder. Flippa will manage all the payment and technical stuff for you and you will receive your commissions via your selected payment method.

If you like this blog and thinking of selling websites then you can check out my blog on how to create a website here.

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