About Us

About Us

Hello Everyone !

Welcome to munshiweb.com

MUNSHIWEB is owned and managed by students of DTU and IIT. Students of other colleges are also collaborated with us. The students are budding entrepreneurs who aims at making MUNSHIWEB as one of the best brand in its domain. . The owners of this site also work to bring IT Revolution among youth.

This website is created with a vision to get you all aware about some business tips and business ideas to grow in life.  As we all know financial education is as important as traditional education.

Along with this if you are crazy about knowing the some cool facts about different industries like IT, HR , and more then this is the right place for you.

We always try to bring you the latest update and the most fascinating things to make you aware. Connect with us today and enjoy our latest content.

For queries, feedback, suggestions, mail us at info@munshiweb.com.