If you love to write poetry, then this is the way for you. Sincerely, there aren’t many opportunities to make money online via writing poetry.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t earn anything if you’re passionate about writing poems you can use the opportunities you’ll find below and make a handsome living.

Following are the links to websites which pay you for your poetry upon acceptance:-

1. The Sun Magazine

Payment : $100 – $250 per poem

2. Poetry Foundation

Payment: $10 per line with a minimum payment of $300

3. Crazy Horse

Payment: $20 – $200 per poem

4. Rattle

Payment: $50 per poem

5. Boulevard Magazine

Payment: $25 – $250 per poem

6. Three Penny Review

Payment: $200 per poem

7. Alaska Quarterly Review

Payment: $10 – $50 per poem

8. Chicken Soup For The Soul

Payment: $200 per poem

9. Arc Poetry Magazine

Payment: $50 per page

10. Slice Magazine

Payment: $75 per poem

11. VQR Online

Payment: $200 per poem

12. New Myths

Payment: $30 Per Poem

13. Dreams And Nightmares

Payment: $12 Per Poem

14. Leading Edge Magazine

Payment : $5 – $20 Per Poem

15. Goblin Fruit

Payment: $15 Per Poem

There are many poets, content writers, story tellers, now the question is how you will rise above them all?

Well, we live in 21st century and we can do whatever we want if we have a smartphone or a laptop.  IT industry is a very big industry, if you invest your time wisely in it definitely you will grow.

Now what to do?

  1. First of all create a logo, it’s the most important step in branding.
  2. Then create some quality pages on various social media platforms especially Instagram and facebook they have the largest number of audience.
  3. Post your content regularly, make sure you reply to your audience.
  4. Make them involve on your page by putting up a competition like best poetry of the week goes to…..
  5. Later collaborate with some big content writers who have good amount of followers and fan base.
  6. Comment on their post regularly, this will increase followers on your page. It’s the best way to attract followers.
  7. Write content for them.

When your followers reaches to 10k or 20k, start hiring content writers, poets, story tellers. Increase your reach as much as you can. After hiring let them do the promotions and make them write content for you.

To know more on how you can earn money online or you can check out more ways here.

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